Applying to college can be stressful and sometimes confusing! Here are several tips the Upward Bound Office has for you while you prepare for the college application process:

1) Research: Search online and even visit universities that pique your interest. See which universities offer the programs and majors you are interested in. Be an informed applicant!!

2) Meet with your Guidance Counselor: Schedule an early meeting (in August or September) with your high school counselor to talk about the application process. These counselors are great resources for the students; they will be able to walk each student through the application process.

3) Start Early: “The early bird gets the worm” This cannot be more true for the college application process! Set deadlines for yourself. If there is an Early Action deadline to school, apply to it! The sooner you get in all the required materials, the sooner you’ll hear back from each college.

4) Review your Application: Have your mom, a teacher or even a stranger review and read over your application, especially your essays. Having multiple people read your application will eliminate errors, misspellings and clunky language!

5) Apply to Back-Ups: Our “Rule of Thumb” is to apply to 1 Safety School, 3 “Good Fit” Schools, and 1 Reach School. Although we want each of our students to reach for the stars, we encourage students to have a fall-back plan. Apply to a safety to ensure you will be entering into college after you graduate high school, even though it might not be your dream school.

6) Relax: The application process can be daunting at times. Take it one step at a time. If you create an “Application To-Do” list and cross of each task one by one, you’ll be in college in no time.


7) Continue to Excel in School: Keep up the awesome grades! Do your homework, study for your exams and standardized tests. Go to class and pay attention. Schools do care about your senior year transcript and will take that into account when looking over an application.


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