Our Student Internships!

Four of our Upward Bound students have entered the professional world and are currently interns in different departments across Tulane’s campus. After their summer school ends at 12:30 pm, they head off to their internship and work from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM. Our interns are absolutely loving the opportunity to have some real-life professional experience!


Jakori, Class of 2016, is an intern in Cudd Hall at Tulane University, which houses all the Dean’s offices. She works at the front desk, answering phone calls, emails, and helping her supervisor in day-to-day tasks.


Christian, Class of 2017, is an intern in Tulane’s Center for Public Service (CPS). She works directly with Avery Brewton, CPS’s Community Service Program Manager, and helps her with any tasks Avery needs done!


Janaé, Class of 2018, is an intern at HireTulane, our University’s Career Services Center. There, she works at the front desk, answering phone calls, greeting visitors as they walk through the front doors, and helping out with any other day-to-day tasks!


Julisa, Class of 2018, is an intern in Alcée Fortier, the History Department at Tulane. Her duties include filing documents, books, folders, etc. and helping her supervisor around the office. As you can tell, she is absolutely loving her internship!

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