College Kid for a Day—a day in review

Last month, our seniors participated in a College Kid for a Day event where they shadowed their Tulane student senior mentors as they went through a normal day at college. Students sat in on classes, checked out the dining halls, and surveyed study spaces, all the while getting important insight into what it’s really like to eat, work, and manage your time effectively on a college campus. After learning about everything from Mexican politics to study skills, our students and their senior mentors had a chance to relax, hang out, and, as promised, take some selfies!

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Meet our interns!

We are beyond pleased to introduce our team of dedicated, engaged Tulane student interns working with us this semester. Interns at Upward Bound fill a wide variety of roles, from coordinating transportation and scholarship logistics to serving as Senior Mentors to our students who are going on to college next year. Whether working behind the scenes or helping students one-on-one, our interns are committed to making Upward Bound a positive, challenging, and enriching space.

Jaclyn Cole

Hey! I’m Jaclyn, a junior at Tulane from Pasadena, CA. I am studying Political Science and Social Policy & Practice with minors in Spanish and Psychology, I am in the Honors Program, and I am a Presidential Scholarship recipient here at Tulane. I just spent a crazy and exciting semester abroad in Cuba, and I am very excited to return home to Upward Bound! I love working at Upward Bound because I love our students, I believe in their dreams to achieve higher education, and I want to do everything I can to support them in finding the best path for them. Upward Bound has become a second home to me, and I am grateful to continue being part of such a unique and supportive community of students, employees, and volunteers.

Lindsay Cooper

My name is Lindsay Cooper, and I am a freshman at Tulane University from Mandeville, Louisiana. I am double majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies and plan to attend law school upon graduation. I am excited to help these students establish strong study habits and watch as they become more knowledgeable about various subjects.

Phoebe Coughlin

Hi, my name is Phoebe! I am junior from North Salem, New York. I am double majoring in studio art and public health. I was am AmeriCorps summer associate with Upward Bound this past summer, and after studying abroad last semester I am really excited to be back at Upward Bound. I love UB because I love the students here, and I really like working and helping with the college process! I am looking foreward to helping around the office, being a senior mentor and creating a new mural in the office.

Alyssa Cruse

My name is Alyssa and I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a Junior at Tulane studying Music Performance and Neuroscience. I am really excited about working with UB this semester! I can’t wait to serve as a positive role model for motivated students and help them achieve their academic goals!

Sarah Forton

I currently volunteer at a similar organization, College Writing Buddies, which helps connect low-income elementary school students with university student-mentors. We edit and comment on their essays weekly to improve their writing skills with the hope that they will have a better chance at getting accepted to and applying for college. So, I feel like I can offer this experience to this internship, while gaining a new experience of working more behind-the-scenes rather than on the front lines. I am excited to learn how to run an organization and gain program management, data collection, and evaluation experiences, as it pertains to a potential career path of mine. Also, I am just excited to become part of such an influential program, bettering the education opportunities of students for our future society.

Maeve Holler

My name is Maeve, I’m an English & Gender and Sexuality Studies double major and a junior at Tulane. I’m excited to work at UB because I think I’ll be able to learn just as much as I can teach.

Kendall Knuth

My name is Kendall Knuth and I am so excited to begin working with Upward Bound this semester! I am majoring in Public Health with minors in Economics and Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship. I am from Chicago, which has inspired my passions for urban sustainability and community development. Learning and education have always been my priorities, and I am excited to work with and around people who feel similarly. I am looking forward to helping students recognize their talent and drive while fostering relationships. I am also in the Honors College and a Presidential Scholarship recipient.

Tarah Marshall

My name is Tarah Marshall, I am a senior at Tulane University and I am originally from Long Beach, California. I am an Economics and Psychology double major and I am passionate about education and education reform.  The past two years I have worked as a tutor at Sophie B. Wright. So what excites me about working with the students at Upward Bound is being able to work with students not only on academics but on the end goal: making college a reality.

Jonathan Roth

I am a second semester senior at Tulane studying mathematics.  I am born and raised in New Jersey but would be the sixth consecutive generation to live in New Orleans if I live here following graduation. I am very excited to work with the students in Upward Bound.  In my sophomore year my service learning project took place in Sci High and I found helping and tutoring students from low income families very rewarding.  I was also able to develop close relationships with the students that thrived outside of education.  It was an honor to learn their stories and spread my passion for teaching math to them.

Lily Rubin-Miller

My name is Lily Rubin-Miller and I am from Brooklyn, NY.  I am a junior at Tulane this year double majoring in Public Health and Psychology.  I am excited to work with Upward Bound for the first time this semester because I have really enjoyed my past experiences working with high school students.  I was a counselor for fifteen and sixteen year olds at a summer camp this past summer, and it was extremely fun and rewarding to act as a mentor for this age group.

Helena Soreo

My name is Helena Soreo. I am from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I am a current senior at Tulane majoring in Mathematics and French Language. I am looking forward to forming relationships with the students at UB and helping them reach their potential. I hope to influence my students in a positive way, be that academically or personally. I myself hope to gain a better understanding of New Orleans and its people throughout this experience.

Cara Tenerelli

Hi! My name is Cara Tenerelli, and I’m currently a Junior studying Psychology and Neuroscience. I’m originally from the suburbs of Chicago, but I have absolutely loved living in New Orleans, and I also traveled abroad to Copenhagen, Denmark this past fall. I wanted to work with Upward Bound for a number of reasons. First, my close friend worked with the organization over the summer and had a very rewarding experience. Additionally, I would like to offer support and encouragement to students that are capable but just need the extra push to keep them motivated. I’m very excited to get started!

Mitch Therieau

Hi, I’m Mitch! I’m a senior at Tulane studying English, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and Philosophy, and I’m also working toward my MA in English through the 4+1 program. I’m beyond excited to return for my fourth semester at Upward Bound, and my second as Tutoring Liaison. In the past I have been a volunteer tutor and a summer AmeriCorps associate here. By serving in all these roles, I have gotten the chance to teach, get to know, and most of all learn from some of the finest young people around. I look forward to contributing in any way I can to making Upward Bound the best environment it can possibly be for our students!

Patrick Wroe

Hello! My name is Patrick Wroe. I am a current senior majoring in Finance, from Austin, TX. I am so excited start working again at Upward Bound this semester after interning last summer with AmeriCorp. I absolutely fell in love with the students and my supervisors; everyone immediately welcomed me in making UB really feel  like a family. My favorite memories from this summer was definitely our trip with the seniors to Chicago and going through a fun house with the other students, where me screaming and shrieking was a key feature on all their snapstories. I am pumped up to be back and can’t wait to see our seniors graduate!


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“Major to Career” workshop this Saturday

How do your turn your passions into a major, and how do you turn that major into a career? These are some of the most important questions for college students and college-bound high schoolers. We’ll be answering these questions and more at the Tulane Upward Bound “Major to Career” workshop this Saturday. Guest speakers will share their stories and give advice, and students will have plenty of opportunities to discover what jobs are out there in the areas they are passionate about—and what it takes to get where they want to be. It’ll be a morning of stimulating discussion and fun for all!

Major to Career Workshop Flyer

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College Kid for a Day event!

If you’re in high school, the future—especially college—can sometimes seem far off. College sounds like another world, one filled with new responsibilities, intense study sessions, and an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of junk food. Campus tours are one great way to start exploring this world, but they only give you one side of the story. What they don’t give you is the experience of actually being a college student.

To give our students this experience, Tulane Upward Bound will be hosting a “College Kid for a Day” event on 2/11 and 2/12 where our senior students will shadow their senior mentors (all Tulane students) as they go about a typical day on Tulane’s campus. There will be plenty of opportunities to sit in on classes, get a sense of the resources and study spaces the campus has to offer, and, of course, to take selfies. Watch this page for pictures and updates!


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Chicago Trip, Summer 2015

This summer, our high school seniors and a few select juniors and sophomores traveled to Chicago to tour colleges and sightsee around the city. Even though it was the beginning of July, us New Orleanians thought the 65 degree weather was quite chilly! But it was a nice break from the heat and humidity of our home.

Our students had information sessions with admissions counselors and toured the colleges with current students at four different universities, Concordia Chicago, DePaul University, University of Illinois at Chicago, and University of Notre Dame. After each university, we had a debriefing session on what we liked about each college and whether or not the college was a good fit for the student.


Our Student Tour Guides at UIC take a #selfie with Upward Bound

In addition to the University tours, we got to see some awesome sites in Chicago, including the Hancock tower, the Cloud Gate at Millennium Park, the Pier, and we took an Architecture Boat tour of the city. Our trip was truly a great vacation!

The Bean2



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Our Student Internships!

Four of our Upward Bound students have entered the professional world and are currently interns in different departments across Tulane’s campus. After their summer school ends at 12:30 pm, they head off to their internship and work from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM. Our interns are absolutely loving the opportunity to have some real-life professional experience!


Jakori, Class of 2016, is an intern in Cudd Hall at Tulane University, which houses all the Dean’s offices. She works at the front desk, answering phone calls, emails, and helping her supervisor in day-to-day tasks.


Christian, Class of 2017, is an intern in Tulane’s Center for Public Service (CPS). She works directly with Avery Brewton, CPS’s Community Service Program Manager, and helps her with any tasks Avery needs done!


Janaé, Class of 2018, is an intern at HireTulane, our University’s Career Services Center. There, she works at the front desk, answering phone calls, greeting visitors as they walk through the front doors, and helping out with any other day-to-day tasks!


Julisa, Class of 2018, is an intern in Alcée Fortier, the History Department at Tulane. Her duties include filing documents, books, folders, etc. and helping her supervisor around the office. As you can tell, she is absolutely loving her internship!

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Dallas Trip, Summer 2015


This past week, our scholars took a trip to Dallas to visit four different colleges: Southern Methodist University, University of Texas at Dallas, University of North Texas, and Richland Community College. We sat in on information sessions with admissions counselors and took a campus tour with student tour guides at each college. Even though it almost 100 degrees outside, our scholars loved getting a feel for the campuses. They were eager to learn about each university’s application process and requirements, offered majors and programs, and the student life on each campus. Check out our Photo Gallery for more photos of UB’s trip to Dallas!

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Fall 2013 Orientation

Wow! It was a great summer. We hope each of you enjoyed the classes, college tours, guest speakers, and activities! Mark your calendar for SEPTEMBER 14th from 9:00-11:00 for our Fall Orientation. We are excited to get the fall semester rolling! Check back often for updates. 2013-07-17 15.04.532013-07-17 09.34.18

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Mark Your Calendars…It’s Science Day!

Mark your calendars! Science Day is Saturday, March 16th! Join us from 9am-1pm as we discover the different areas of science. You will be participating in a Physics lab, brain lab and making an audio speaker.

Please remember this is a mandatory Saturday for all grades. Contact the office if you have any questions.

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